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Hair Treatments

Ottawa Hair Salon | Finally the wait is over, a NEW Keratin is here and it’s FORMALDEHYDE free. Now for less than Three Dollars a Day You Can Have Amazing hair day everyday! Call in today and get more information!

Keratin Treatment

We here at Salon Rouge carry the Keratin hair smoothing therapy (Formaldehyde free), applied by our expert technicians. Keratin is designed for people with frizzy/untamable hair. We have 3 formulas to help customize how you want your hair to work for you:

Kera Express- Eradicates frizz only up to 2-6 weeks
Starts at $150

Kera Control – Smooths hair while eliminating frizz for up to 6-12 weeks
Starts at $350

Kera Intense -Maximum Smoothing and eliminates frizz for up to 4-6 months
Starts at $400

*The Keratin Treatment can only be done after a thorough consultation. Please keep in mind, all of our prices are only the starting price. They will change based on length, thickness and texture of your hair. Your hair must be washed, air dried and in its natural form in order to provide an estimate on a price*

Olaplex Revitalizing Treatment

Healthier, shinier hair now available, at Salon Rouge! Get hotter, blonder, more creative colors, safer and faster! Olaplex Revitalizing Treatment is the latest technology, offered exclusively at Salon Rouge! No more worries about breakage and damage, as this amazing new treatment is added right to your color, to help the protein bonds in your hair repair as your color sits!

Want to learn more about this great new technology? Call us now!

Nioxin Scalp Renew Treatment

Rejuvenate your scalp/hair follicles on the spot! The Nioxin Scalp Renew Treatment is designed for those with scalp/ thinning hair or hair loss troubles. Awaken your hair follicles with this system!. Lasts 4-6 weeks. Call us, or come in for more information.

Cellophane/Deep Conditioning “Chemistry” Treatment

Now at Salon Rouge, you have the option of either our cellophane treatment, or *new* Deep Conditioning “Chemistry” Treatment(each at a separate cost), to add protein to your hair, and walk out with new and refreshed! It will repair hair up to 80%(depending on the original hair condition)! These 100% Natural (no Ammonia, no alcohol, no peroxide) treatments, made from soywheat protein and amino acid, will leave your hair silky smooth. These particular treatments will have you loving the new shine and managability your hair is left with. The cellophane treatment also works wonders as a semi-permanent colour substitute. Lasts 4-6 weeks.

Toner / Gloss Treatment

Here at Salon Rouge, we understands that colouring hair might not be for everyone. Fortunately, with our Toner Gloss treatment you can get the same shine and hair colour without the long lasting commitment of a permanent dye. This means virtually no upkeep as there are no roots involved. The colour simply fades into your natural hair colour. It’s perfect for the business woman with very little time on her hands.

Olaplex Revitalizing Treatment: $66+

Nioxin Treatment : $66+

Cellophane Treatment : $66+

Deep Conditioning “Chemistry” Treatment: $66+

Toner/Gloss Treatment: $66+

*To ensure the quality of the services provided, for those guests who are particular with their hair, both a phone as well as in-person consultation are a MUST prior to scheduling an appointment.*

**Please note that all prices listed are a base price. Prices can vary depending on many factors including hair length, texture, level of Stylist, and/or creative process. Pricing is subject to change without notice**

*Contact us for more details on our packages.*